Our team provides daily and/or weekly monitoring reports and analyses of media content and public policy, as well as political analyses in accordance with the area of ​​expertise of the political actor. The reports include analyses, syntheses and forecasts on Romanian and international political life. These feature daily or weekly major political issues and include recommendations.

Also, documentation papers on socio-political topics of interest can be provided. Through the analysis of sociological studies, interpretations of the results of opinion polls and public studies are conducted.

The analysis reports of public policies mainly aim to study and facilitate their understanding and also to deliver recommendations and proposals for solutions, where applicable. The analysis of online communication focuses on assessments of specific platform usage (websites, blogs, social media pages and accounts), as well as recommendations to improve communication through these channels.

Our analysts have extensive expertise in socio-politico-economic fields, including a background in academia (lecturers, PhD students and graduates).


  • Media monitoring reports;
  • Media analysis;
  • Media monitoring reports on specific socio-economic and political topics of interest;
  • Political analysis reports;
  • Public policy analysis reports;
  • Online communication analysis reports (websites, social media);
  • Sociological studies reports;
  • Documentation reports on specific socio-economic and political topics of interest.


We provide services that include every aspect of the creative process for conceiving various communication materials (content and design), including print advertisements or multimedia products ranges. All this is done in close correlation with the communication strategy, target audience, key messages and media channels relevant to the political actor.

Our creative team consists of professionals with degrees and training courses in communication and public relations. Also, our graphic designers have specialized studies in visual arts, with experience in both ATL and BTL work and as Art Directors.


  • Press Releases;
  • Press Advertorials;
  • Newsletters;
  • Slogan and key messages concepts;
  • Text and graphic design:
    • press layouts;
    • brochures;
    • flyers;
    • posters;
    • banners;
    • mesh posters;
    • billboards;
    • infographics.
  • Multimedia products:
    • photo;
    • audio-video clips;
    • prints;
    • online advertising materials.
  • Content creation:
    • sites;
    • blogs;
    • social media accounts;


We offer professional consulting services, having the needs and requirements of our customer as a priority. We focus on a rigorous, but flexible and modern approach, based on extensive experience in the field. We provide consultancy in a wide range of activities - communication and public image management, political and communication action strategies, interaction with media institutions and organizing events are just a few of them.

Our specialists’ experience is backed by political marketing studies (most have MA degrees and studies), as well as publishing activity (articles and books).


  • Communication, image, positioning and PR strategies;
  • Strategies for organizing events;
  • Message preparation and drafts for public appearances:
    • TV shows;
    • press interviews;
    • public speeches.
  • Content for internal communication:
    • letters;
    • briefings.
  • Suggestions of topics and themes for specific political activity:
    • speeches;
    • letters;
  • Consulting on TV and radio appearances (assessment and recommendations on attitude, body language, speech, etc.);
  • Consultancy regarding the internal organization of the media and public relations department (training employees, suggestions for organizing and streamlining activity).

Social Media

We provide the full technical support necessary for creating, maintaining and improving an online / social media platform, as well as continuous consultancy and training for optimizing promoted content. Another aspect of our expertise involves development and implementation of online campaigns - strategy, planning, visual concept, graphic execution, dissemination and evaluation.

We have one of the most versatile teams of online communication, with expertise and studies both in the field of classic political marketing and new media (MA degrees and PhD students). We can thus provide a complete outlook on the political communication field in the Web 2.0 era. Also, our specialists were among the first to publish books and studies on the use of social media in online political communication in Romania.


  • Design and implementation of online communication campaigns on specific topics;
  • Strategies to increase audience for online platforms;
  • Strategies for building public image in the online environment;
  • Creating and / or optimizing websites, blogs, Facebook pages and accounts, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest, Issuu;
    • Visual concept preparation;
    • Account / page creation or renewal;
    • Content creation or optimization for the online environment;
    • Design and implementation of thematic applications for Facebook accounts.
  • Consultancy on managing accounts on previously listed platforms:
    • Constant communication streamlining;
    • Integration of the latest online and social media techniques in the communication mix;
    • Technical support.
  • Consultancy regarding content for previously mentioned platforms:
    • Adapting messages to a specific online audience;
    • Support in drafting and content creation;
    • Support in choosing contextual images / optimizing photos;
    • On-demand development of online-specific artwork with variations for each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Issuu, etc.).
  • Complete training and permanent assistance for the customer's online managers;
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultancy for effective communication;
  • Reports on the impact of communication on various online channels and suggestions for improving results.

Rapid Response

Some events require extensive communicational efforts by political actors and therefore need a faster reaction. In such situations, the consulting activity is enhanced and adapted according to the needs and dynamics of unfolding events, regardless of their scope in time (be it for a day, a week or even a month). Positioning recommendations, reports, analyses, suggestions, messages, and other materials are delivered, depending on the specific situation, so that the communication activity can be adapted faster to the public stage.


  • Intensification (in both frequency and consistency) of consultancy work, copywriting and multimedia products creation activity;
  • Sending additional on-topic material, according to dynamics of the events in a given day / week:
    • positioning recommendations;
    • reports;
    • analysis;